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From Nick Banik the Founder: When I started Mad Leads, I was fed up with traditional agency models which tend to offer services out of their area of expertise, overwork individuals, overcharge clients, put inexperienced individuals in charge of client accounts, and so on. I worked at 3 agencies from small to large to medium before starting Mad Leads, and though I had amazing experiences in all those years, I felt the pain-points from my clients over and over again. Moreover, as I interviewed potential employees coming from other agencies and in-house positions, and when I heard potential client experiences with previous agencies, I realized there was a huge area of need and potential for problem-solving the dilemma of the typical agency models. This could not merely be a masthead, but rather, it had to become the ethos of my company. Before I started the business, I was making mistakes myself in how I approached managing teams and services to clients in my previous agency roles, and though I learned a lot, I was fully burnt out, which happens to so many people working at agencies. After 5 years at my final employer, they finally allowed me to be the first fully remote employee, which was new for them. Nonetheless, the burnout was real and I realized that for my own sanity and that of my family's, I had to make a serious change.


When I finally started off on my own, I was traveling around the country with my wife, 3 children, and dog in an RV full-time. We were homeschooling our children and exploring the USA, which was extraordinary. I started Mad Leads and was the only employee for an entire year servicing clients successfully by myself. Then, after testing and proving that my unique agency model worked very well, I started hiring and training. My first 2 employees were trained directly by me on how to approach paid media and client relationships, and then we hired a Director and got him up to speed, followed by a project manager and another specialist. We remain small and boutique so that we can offer services the way I envisioned, and I am so proud of the business we built and the relationships we have with our clients.


Mad Leads maintains the mission of staying a boutique agency specialized in paid media. Instead of practicing all aspects of digital marketing, Mad Leads focuses on B2B and B2C direct response advertising through many paid media channels while optimizing creative, messaging, landing pages, audience targeting, bidding, and so on. We work closely with our partners ensuring we optimize campaigns towards revenue for them, which includes sales or qualified opportunities further along in the sales cycle.


We realized there was a need for a boutique approach to large paid media campaigns, which resulted in us working very closely with in-house teams and staying personal while truly getting to know their businesses. We maintain long-term relationships with our clients and we focus on growing with our clients profitably. Our approach to working together is much different than companies are used to with our pricing model, communications, and expertise allocation, with experts communicating and implementing the changes directly on your account. This is deliberate as we live by our values. Mad Leads lives by the values of making sure we are a great FIT, which means a FIT for one another. FIT = Focus, Integrity, Tenacity.


Focus - We stay on target with our goals and remain sharp while honing our craft.


Integrity - We stay true and maintain transparency at all times.


Tenacity - We work aggressively to win.

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